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All 1-1 sessions will be held on Zoom and you will receive instructions on how to schedule a date and time that’s convenient for you. 

Your Winning Self - Transformational Journey

In This Program I Help You Take Complete Control Of Your Life. I Teach You The Fundamentals Of Reality Creation In A Simple Format Combined With Hands-On Coaching. 

The Course Is Divided Into 3 Modules (Realisation, Transformation, Manifestation) Combined With Weekly 1-1 Coaching, Accountability And Private Chat Support. 
  • REALISATION: Structure Is The Foundation To Living A Life You Love. In The Right STRUCTURE You Cant Avoid Reaching Your Goals. What Does It Mean And How Do You Change Structure?  
  • TRANSFORMATION: You Dont ATTRACT What You Think Or Feel! You Attract Who You ARE! In This Module I Help You Align Your Identity With Your Desire. 
  • MANIFESTATION: Time To Turn Your Desires Into Reality! This Module Is Focused On What You Need To Do (And DONT Do) On A Daily Basis To Experience Your Desires In THE PHYSICAL WORLD. 

One-To-One Coaching Sessions

60 min coaching session
$ 97,00
3*60 min coaching sessions
$ 247,00
5*60 min coaching sessions
$ 397,00

Courses and programs

Money - A Unit Of Choice
$ 47,00
You Attract Who You Are!
$ 97,00
5 Step Manifestation Journey
$ 197,00 (COMING SOON)
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